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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  July 19, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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(announcer) and at least one more home cook's masterchef dream will come to an end. >> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 is following a developing story tonight. a father found dead in his home by his family.
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plus a day camp turns into a night mare. a freak accident sends several kids to the hospital. we begin with the story everyone is talking about, this extreme heat. thanks for joining us at 10:00 i'm laura evans. >> and i'm shawn yancy live outside the fox 5 studios where you can guess it is hot out here. even though the sun has gone down at 10:00 at night, it is still a sticky 83 degrees outside, and guess what, it's just going to get worse as the week goes on. we're not even into the thick of it. sue palka joins me outside. sue when i came outside from the air conditioner inside, it was so thick and hard to breathe snait literally does take your breath away, shawn, and as you mentioned, the core of the heat wave hasn't gotten here yet. we were 97 degrees today. >> wow. >> and the worst of it hasn't gotten in here, so check out the high temperatures, folks, because we want you to be prepared for the core of this
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heat. 97 was the official high at reagan today, and it's only going to be going up now. tomorrow, probably still in the mid-90s, but here's an idea of what's going on across the country. all of these counties and states in red have excessive heat warnings and advisories up and those are going to continue and expand to the east. already, the national weather service here in dc has put us under an excessive heat watch. this is for thursday afternoon, because temperatures will likely be above 100, and when you combine this oppressive humidity that feels like we're in the tropics somewhere it's going to feel 110 to 115 degrees, so we want you to be getting ready for that as that very big heat gets in here really thursday to sunday. one last thing i have to mention, we did cook up a few big storms today and if you're still seeing lightning i want you to see that's coming from the northern neck as we look at radar. the lightning has been unbelievable down there and a persistent storm.
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it's slowly sinking to the south. the lightning is 60 miles away or so and they go 40,000 feet into the air. when the core of this big heat gets here, and again it's hot already. we'll let you know how high the temperatures will go with the full forecast. >> i can't imagine it getting worse. that's the scary thing about this. >> i know, and the number of days in a row and the fact the nights are close to 80 degrees is not good. >> you have the right today. i wish i didn't have the jacket on. >> tomorrow will be a new day. speaking of the heat, the heat wave heading our way has already proved deadly in other parts of the country tonight. the national weather service says the hot weather is to blame for 13 deaths last week. in wisconsin smshgs have opened their doors to help people deal with the scorching temperatures. >> we've already been seeing quite a few people, and as the forecast is for a longer and longer stretch of heat we expect people to get warn down
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and start feeling the effects of it. >> companies are also trying to protect employees who work outside to take plenty of breaks and drink lots of water. a section of i94 buckled from the heat and high humidity. the road had to be closed, causing major backups. pepco says it's really for the extreme heat. capacity is not an issue, they say, but as the mercury rises, you should conserve energy when they'll be working at the hottest. close the blinds to keep the heat out. go to, click on the heat wave under hot topics. you'll find everything you need to know to keep yourself and your pets safe in this extreme heat. a day of fun in the sun turned out to be a nightmare this afternoon after a heavy tree branch came down on several
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people at a capital hill bible camp. matt ackland is live on the scene with the very latest matt. >> reporter: yeah, shawn talk about the wrong place at the wrong time. this all happened in an instant. witnesses tell us, take a look behind me. you see that big limb. that's where all the kids were playing. there was no warning at all no cracking sounds. we're told that limb just fell onto a bunch of kids there. five people were taken to the hospital. it was a huge heavy limb that broke free from this old tree crashing n a group of children playing. >> we evaluated many kids but ended up transporting three with serious injuries. >> reporter: dozens of children came to the park today for a bible camp field trip. the people's church camp director said the group had just finished up a prayer. then the kids started playing and the tree limb fell. >> they just wanted to get the kids to the hospital. >> reporter: bill philips got here as rescuers were treating
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the injured. >> one of the folks who was here with the kid said that they were just kind of marching single file kind of under the branch, and when it fell, and unfortunately they were more on the outside of the branch fortunately, they didn't come down with the heaviest part of the branch. >> reporter: the injured were rushed to two local hospitals. officials say a 17-year-old and 51-year-old supervising the kids sustained serious head injury. >> they indicated the organizers and the adults said there was no warning, no cracking, no swaying or anything that would give an indication that the branch was about to fall. >> reporter: back out live now here at garfield park in southeast. i was able to contact one of the camp directors today by phone and he said the good news. he was at the hospital when i talked to him. is that it appears everyone is going to be okay. let kids had some scratches and bruises. the adults and the 17-year-old
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and the 51-year-old had some serious injuries, but shawn, it appears everyone is going to be okay, so that's a little bit of good news. >> that is certainly good news tonight. matt, any idea what went wrong? was the tree dead? did a strong wind gust pop up sn there was no wind in the area at all. i'm not expert but it appears that the tree was healthy but the chief of staff for the city parks department told me today that inspectors will be coming out here tomorrow. they're going to take a look at the tree to determine exactly what went wrong if they're able to. >> matt ackland reporting live from capitol hill. thank you. meantime, we're live outside the fox 5 studios where it's a steamy 83 degrees back to laura in the air conditioning. >> much more comfortable in here. see you in a bit back in here. we're following a developing story out of fairfax county. a quiet springfield neighborhood is anything but quiet tonight. an elderly man shot and killed
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and whoever's responsible is now on the run. it happened on chancellor way and fox 5's will thomas is live with the details on this, will. >> reporter: laura, good evening. the victim's house is surrounded by police tape, law enforcement officers. we're talking about detectives, crime scene technicians and are beginning the long process of evidence gathering. what we can tell you is all points bulletins have been issued to regional law enforcement and most likely beyond our viewing area for a possible suspect. but so far fairfax county police haven't determined it necessary or advisable to release that name and to look at information to members of the media. as soon as we get that information, you will hear it. here's how the story is playing out. a shot fired just before 6:00, an elderly man shot in the face inside his own home. >> it's so sad. it's so frightening. >> reporter: ruth shaw was
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arriving for dinner at her daughter's house a few doors down when police rushed her inside. >> they said hurry up and get in the house, lock the door. i was scared and fright eped. >> they kept asking everyone to please go in the house, look the doors and go in the house. we didn't know what was happening. >> reporter: police canvassed this springfield street weapons drawn. they tell fox 5 officers were warned about an automatic machine gun. >> they'd been in the neighborhood a long time. it's a comboes knit neighborhood helping each other. we were clearing out the driveway when we had the blizzard. they were just nice quiet folks as far as we know. >> reporter: the fairfax county police tell us they may be releasing the name of the victim shortly. they're trying to identify some of the family members they need to notify first. we can also tell you it was only about 9:15 this evening that detectives and crime scene technicians were able to reenter
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the house. obviously officers did at first call about 6:00. once they determined it was a crime scene a murder had taken place, they pretty much locked down the scene and wait for the search warrant so it's going to be a long night out here. >> will thomas, thank you. someone opened fire in a bsz street in dc today shooting a teenager in the leg. this happened in the 1400 block of columbia road northwest around 7:00 tonight. police say several shots were fired and no word on any arrests at this point. the victim is expected to be okay. police are searching tonight for a man who broke into an apartment in lorton and sexual assaulted a woman inside. the alleged attack early saturday morning on lewis chapel circle. the investigations say she was awakened by a man standing in her bedroom, he sexual assaulted her and left. police say there were children in the apartment at the time but were not hurt. investigators are looking into an accident involving a montgomery county police officer. the police cruiser collided with
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another car around midnight on colesville road in silver spring. it appears the officer lost control of his cruiser and hit a car in an oncoming lane. two people were hurt and taken to the hospital for treatment. the officer was also hurt and taken to the hospital. one person was killed after a flat bed truck was going the wrong way on braddock road when it hit four other vehicles. no word on why the driver was on the wrong side of the road. high drama unfolding before parliament. news corp's ceo being grilled when out of nowhere, an attacker lunges forward. you've got to see this one unfold. plus, you could be sabotaging your diet and not even know it. what is driving you to eat more than you think you're eating? we'll be right back.
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>> while developments in the british phone hacking scandal, they tried to hit him with a pie in the middle of his testimony. his wife jumped up after the attacker. murdock and his top executives answered questions about the phone hacking scandal rocking his media empire. here's the latest from london. >> reporter: rupert murdock, chairman and chief executive at news corp and his son faced the music today, after weeks of allegations of wrong doing at one of their newspapers, as well as arrests and resignations at the company. the mur docks appeared before a committee of the british parliament. >> this is the most humbling day of my laugh. >> reporter: 2 1/2 hours into the testimony, a protester hurled a plate of shaving cream at him. his wife wendy struck back and apparently saved the day.
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the man was taken away by authorities. earlier, murdock reports the phones were hacked victims of soldiers and victims of crime, including a girl who was kidnapped and killed in 2002. >> i was absolutely shocked, appalled and ashamed when i heard about that case only two weeks ago. >> reporter: murdock went on to reject reports that phones of 9/11 victims had been hacked. >> we have seen no evidence of that at all. and as far as we know, the fbi will investigate. if we do, we will deal with it the same way and i can't believe it happened to anyone in america. >> reporter: both father and son said they were not aware of broad based hacking and bribery until recently but were making changes. >> these actions do not live up to the standards that our company aspires to everywhere in
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the world. >> reporter: also grilled by parliament rebecca brooks left her position of ceo's news corp after allegations, and today said she was not aware of wrong doing. >> i've never knowingly savrngszed a payment to a police officer. >> reporter: when asked whether rupert murdock should resign, he says others in the company have betrayed him and the company. >> i think that frankly i'm the best person to clean this up. >> reporter: according to veteran newspaper man, rupert murdock may be one of the biggest sins of all this, the betrayal of readers' trusts. one of his words, the restoration of that truvlt. >> earlier toenlt, i talked to cnn chief and current director of media at george washington
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university about the impact this story has on the media. >> frank, thanks for joining us. on a scale of 1-10 10 being the worst, how does this affect journalism and news gathering as a whole. >> it's an 8 or 9. this is terrible stuff and people say i told you so, and i think that one of the important things that i hope comes out of this is that this is an aberation not normal and certainly something that main stream media in the united states do because at least not ever in my experience have i seen anything like this. >> you bring up a good point. the scandal brought up the term tabloid news. can you break it down for people watching and wondering if organizations like cnn abc or the washington post actually pay for news stories? >> i think this is something very important to point out because in this country we have a very strong line traditionally and it's weakened a little bit but a very strong line against what we call checkbook journalism. when i was a young reporter, in
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london, i was shocked and it turned out to be very difficult to do business there because it was common practice by the tabloids for tabloids to write checks for photos interviews and exclusives. when i was over there i couldn't do that. it is very uncommon. i don't want to say impossible but very uncommon for checks to be written for those kinds of things by major news organizations in this country. it's just not the way we do business. >> as we watch this scandal unfold, is this just going to be a fox news corp problem or will it trickle down to all media putting us under the microscope? >> i think it puts us all under the microscope because anytime this happens we all end up there. not to the degree that fox is because there are specific allegations, but i don't think we're done seeing what's going to come out from the news of the world and the news corp investigation, and it may well be that other things come up
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along the way as well. some of them substantiated and some of them piling on. this is a feeding frenzy at? level after all. this is very damaging and the kind of thing that should not happen and both murdocks in their testimony were exceptionally apologetic for what's happening. obviously they're trying to save their own reputation and right the company, but they know full well this is not something that should be done period. >> all right. thanks, former cnn washington bureau chief and current director of the media department at george washington university. thanks for joining us tonight. we want to point out that news corp is the parent company of fox 5 thank you. >> my pleasure. two american citizens are charged with acting as agents for the pakistani government. he is the director of the cashmery american council. prosecutors alleged the pakistani government paid him organization millions to lobby the us government for his
10:21 pm
independence. cashmere is the disputed territory between india and pakistan. a second man is also charged. it was one of the key points in the case against casey anthony but now the man behind it says he got it all wrong. you have to hear what really happened, coming up next.
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>> where in the world is casey anthony? no one spotted the florida mother who was acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter, caylee, but there is plenty of speculation about where she might be hiding out. some believe she's still in florida, others think california or puerto rico. meanwhile, the man who created the software used to analyze her computer says that there was an error in the program and that the chloroform website that the prosecution says was visited 84 times was actually only visited
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once. he says he told the prosecution that during the last week of the trial but the jury was never updated. a 17-year-old florida boy accused of murdering his parents and throwing a party with their body still in the house appeared in court today. investigators believe tyler hadly beat his parents to death with a hammer saturday afternoon and went to a party saturday night. he returned to the house three hours later after receiving an anonymous tip. the parents bodies were found buried under household items. one of strauss-khan's daughters, she claims the ex-imf chief tried to rape her it is unclear why they met with prosecutors. dc's mayor and his campaign at the center of an investigation tonight. find out how the campaign may have broken city laws coming up
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next. star power here in the district, why these big names were in town today. we'll explain.
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ouewti got
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>> new allegations tonight against dc mayor vincent gray's campaign and the way it handled cash contributions. they're accused of converting the cash into money orders which is a violation of campaign finance law. fox 5's paul wagner has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: eight months after vincent gray's campaign came to a close the mayor finds himself dogged by claims of improprietary proprieties. the latest allegations say they accepted cash donations larger than $25 and then exchanged that cash for money orders. mayor gray said today the alleged wrong doing had only recently surfaced. >> it was a revelation to me. again, we've turn over all of
10:30 pm
our campaign finance records. we did several months ago to the office of campaign finance, we fully cooperated and continue to do that. >> so what happened? were campaign workers handling the money ignorant of the law or was there some other explanation? >> we're not sure exactly why it happened, i mean, you know, we know that there were a lot of money orders because of people who supported our campaign who don't deal with the checks and the like so they made money contributions to our campaign. i think some of these things will continue under the investigation. >> reporter: leslie williams says the law is specific and clear. >> the money order has to be made by the contributor. the contributor cannot give the committee in excess of $25 and then the committee turns around and makes a money order for that person. >> reporter: nathan price with the dc professional taxicab drivers association says he attended fundraisers where
10:31 pm
drivers contributed more than 25 dollars in cash and no one from the gray campaign said a word. price says gray attended one of them. >> it shocked me. the drivers came and saw us throwing money in the basket and when they finished counting the moan, they said it was more than $1500. >> reporter: price says he regrets the donations now because the mayor has since ignored the cabbies and their concerns. paul wagner fox 5 news. new developments tonight on the hill in the debt ceiling debate. the house has approved a republican-backed bill requiring a balanced budget amendment before the debt ceiling increase. the plan is not expected to pass in the senate. with the august 2 deadline to raise the debt ceiling two weeks away, there has been some progress with the bipartisan group of senators called the gang of 6. here's the update tonight. >> reporter: with time running
10:32 pm
out, president obama made a surprise appearance to hail senator colbren's return to the bipartisan group known as the gang of six which increases tax revenue which mr. obama insisted on. >> we have a bipartisan group of senators who agree with that balanced approach and we've got the american people who agree with that balanced approach. >> reporter: a draft of the agreement obtained by fox news says it would slash our deficits by $3.7 trillion or $3.6 trillion over 10 years. a trillion of that would come from additional tax revenue but overall it would be lowered and the minimum tax would be killed. the so-called cut cap and balance plan which the senator is likely to pass and the president would veto. >> i wouldn't go out of my way to say the senate can't pass it. there's nothing the senate can't do when they want to. >> reporter: the cut cap and
10:33 pm
balance has been called a political theater and president obama says it's the last aversion we have time for. >> we don't have any more time to engage in symbolic gestures. we don't have any more time to posture. it's time to get down to the business of actually solving this problem. >> reporter: but there was more politics as the day progressed. freshman house republicans marched in front of the white house to voice their opposition to higher taxes. >> the president has asked us to eat our peas and take the that bitter pill, that medicine and he's asking us to pick our poison. >> reporter: meanwhile, late today democrat tim conrad said tomorrow the gang of six will ask the rest of the senate to support the deficit plan. >> the first test is how many of our colleagues stand up and say yes, this is a direction that deserves support. we saw a strong and positive reaction. >> reporter: senators conrad and colbren said they don't have
10:34 pm
enough time to get it through congress before it expires on august 2. conrad says it will go faster if there's broad support. at the white house wendell goaler. martin sheen and tyler perry addressed a rally on capitol hill. sheen is the father of admitted drug user charlie sheen. he says drug corps give hope to those fighting addiction. >> instead of indifference they get compassion and a new possibility of a way of life. when we here all rise it renews our convictions to stand up for these life-saving courts. >> drug courts help reduce recidivism and hope congress will provide more funding. eagles' quarterback michael
10:35 pm
vick is throwing his support behind a bill that protects animals. today, he was on capitol hill to support the legislation that strengthens federal laws against it. the bill would make taking children to a dog fight illegal and being a spectator at a dog fight a misdemeanor. >> during my time in prison i told myself i wanted to be part of the solution and not the problem. i've been speaking to kids and urging them to be responsible and to be good to animals and to date i'm here to send a similar message to help address the problem and break the cycle. >> since he got out of prison in 2009, vick has worked with the humane society speaking out against dog fighting. watching your weight? there's one thing that could sabotage all of your hard work and it is not on your plate. find out how you could be consuming some hidden calories coming up. first, wall street got a boost today and good news for apple. dennis neal has your business report. >> a new debt plan helping take stocks over the top.
10:36 pm
the latest deal from the gang of six saerpts winning support from the president and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. it would reform tax rates raise the debt ceiling and cut $3.7 trillion in debt over the next decade. meanwhile home construction rising in june with the highest levels since january. and coca-cola drinking up the boost in quarterly profits. sales overseas hoping to offset some weakness in north america. all that had stocks rallying to their biggest gain in a year. our parent company, news corporation up 5% after a dramatic day after the phone hacking investigation. the ceo apologized before a parliamentary hearing about the scandal of the closing of the news of the world tabloid. a protester tried to rush him as he was testifying. that protester was injured and no one was injured in the outburst. keep an eye on apple shares
10:37 pm
wednesday. after the bell, the company reporting a huge jump in quarterly earnings sparked by a huge jump in iphones and ipads.
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>> good news they are close to reaching the end zone. >> a deal may be reached within days. here's feldy to give us an update. where do the talks stand tonight. >> laur ai think we'll have a deal by this weekend and more havoc will ensue as soon as free agency gets started. the bears and rams are scheduled to play august 7 in canton and they were going to start
10:41 pm
training camp before the other teams. the other 30 including the red skins could have a delayed start as well. the 10 named plaintiffs in the brady versus antitrust case before a deal can be completed. multiple reports are requesting that his client become an unrestricted free agent when the lockout is over and will receive $10 million. nfl play rz associations and committees and reps from all teams met in dc today to prepare for possible votes on an agreement to end the lockout. the skins lorenso alexander has been told the end is almost here. >> that's what i've been hearing from the top. definitely great news for us but i'm still not you know grateful until we actually have something signed, sealed and delivered and things can always happen. right now, i think everybody is pretty optimistic on going through on friday to get back to work monday. i'm glad i'm under contract.
10:42 pm
other guys are going to have a hectic time figuring out where they want to go in a quick period of time. >> any agreement would have to be approved by the owners and they'll vote on that in a special meeting in atlanta. so still not done but it's a lot close sneer i love that. >> and then we'll see how crazy the redskins get in the offseason. >> we haven't heard much. >> thanks feldy. coming up at 11:00, the news edge is monitoring metro for you. the swelterring summer heat is causing issues out there. steep escalators out of service. find out what happened when metro tried to fix the problem. dc and online gambling destinations, don't bet on it yet.
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>> if you are fighting the battle of the bulge you may want to think twice before going out to eat. the americans are dining out more than ever.
10:46 pm
the problem, you may not get what you would expect. they analyzed fast food meals and sit-down restaurants. researchers found the calorie counts listed on many menus were inaccurate. >> we had one food that came in that contained 1,000 calories more than the amount listed on the menu, which even we were shocked about. >> the study found fast food restaurants are doing better than sit down restaurants when it comes to quality control and accurate calorie count. if you're frustrated because you're having trouble shedding those pounds, a lot of people are frustrated. >> there may be one good reason why your diet may not work. how you might be eating under the influence. >> reporter: could alcohol even a little bit of it with a meal be sabotaging your diet. >> i eat much more when i drink. >> reporter: studies have proven just that. alcohol can make you feel hungry feeven you're not. >> the more you drink the hungrier you get.
10:47 pm
>> wine makes you eat a lot, like bread and cheese and carbs, lots of carbs. >> reporter: experts say when you drink the booze can make you crave carbs. >> french fries, hamburgers and cheeseburgers that i definitely regretted the next day. >> reporter: dr. howard schapiro has a name for this. he calls it eui for eating under the influence. >> eating under the influence means you've had a couple of drinks or maybe one too many. all of a sudden your blood sugar is down you're hungry and you grab the first thing you can find and it's usually fast food, high calorie food. >> reporter: you may be surprised at how quickly it adds up. >> glass of wine is about 300 calories, 300 calories six nights a week, 1800 calories. you do that twice a week and you gain a pound. >> reporter: eui can make it
10:48 pm
harder to burn the calories. >> alcohol can't be stored in the body so it metabolizes right away. it compromises your body from metabolizing the fat and the carbohydrates so that slows down your metabolism. >> reporter: dr. schapiro says alcohol can also prevent your body from absorbing important vitamins and nutrients. >> i try to eat healthy the majority of the time but when you're eating under the influence, the health factor goes out the window. >> doesn't think about how alcohol affects you at all. >> reporter: but dr. schapiro doesn't tell them to give up alcohol all together. he advises them to take a break even for a week or two and see how much easier it is to shed the pounds. tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> i believe it. we've talked about that too. >> yeah it's really astonishing what it does. >> one glass of wine, ah, it's all right. how about a bag of chips with the wine. >> sitting outside in this kind
10:49 pm
of heat, i don't want to eat either. it makes me not want to eat actually. >> that's true. >> go outside and try to eat. >> good luck with that. that might be that motivator, right, the next few days, and we're kind of easing our way into it. we don't see much relief for a little while yet. >> i know. it's not fun to be us right now but we want you to be ready. tonight, it is sultry and steamy out there, but we know that the worst is still to come and we're a couple days away from seeing that highest heat get in there. we chased a few strong storms and that's where i want to start tonight showing you what's been going on on our sentinel radar. most of the activity is still down over the northern neck so it's being rather quiet. we still had some severe thunderstorm warnings down here, and thee things are loaded with lightning. i want to put the lightning on so you can see the hundreds and hundreds of lightning strikes as this continues sinking to the south. we can see the lightning from
10:50 pm
capitol hill. matt ackland called in wondering if there was a new storm coming and this is the storm he was seeing. check out some of the updrafts on this storm. this is likely producing damaging winds as it continues to move away, a little 3 d look at it. so that's what's left tonight. tomorrow, i think we're probably not going to have to deal with much in the way of storminess but we want you to see that until next week, we really are also not talking about much in the way of wholesale relief. this is a huge heat wave. it is encompassing really about 3/4 of the country. it's been cooking in the middle part of the country for a long time, but f that heat will be moving in our direction as if it wasn't bad enough today right after our beautiful weekend. we think all of these areas in the red are going to be seeing temperatures at or above 100 from thursday to sunday. that is oppressive, and it is also dangerous. that's a big section of the country that will really be compromised by this heat, and the stress on the power grid and stress on your body.
10:51 pm
meanwhile we certainly weren't cool today either. we had a west wind that pumped up the temperature at reagan international. 95 for baltimore, still very sultry as mentioned out there tonight at 83 degrees. average for this time of year is 89. and look at the rest of the country. we're still seeing temperatures in the 90s, phoenix at 105 at this hour which is typical. in minnesota, i wanted you to see that the heat index in fargo, that's what we want to see. the heat index in fargo is 116 degree, that combination of heat and humidity together for how it feels to your body. here it feels like 89 degrees. st. louis feels like 104 degrees. this is really bad when you talk about that humidity getting factored in, and these are all the excessive heat warnings and advisories that are in effect right now in the middle part of the country. we've got one ourselves actually a couple of days early. the weather service wants you to know this excessive heat watch will be in effect thursday afternoon because of the
10:52 pm
combination of much higher temperatures and humidity making it feel like it's well into the triple digits. storms to the south tonight will be muggy overnight, only about 79 degrees. tomorrow, hot and muggy again feeling like 100 to 105. we get up to 95 degrees. take lots of breaks even at 95. 8:00 in the morning 83. by noon we're up to 92 and it's still nice and muggy by 5:00, 95 degrees. and here's the five-day forecast. and check out these triple digits. we had to squeeze them on here because we think thursday about 101. the worst of it friday at about 103 degrees. saturday 101 and sunday 99. that's four days very close to or above 100 degrees and that's a lot. usually, we get a couple of those maybe back to back, but not four. how does this compare to last year . >> i don't remember. last year we had four days at or above 100. we had two in july, one in june.
10:53 pm
last july was hot but not as hot as this. i think this is about the hottest we've had in about five years. >> i was going to say in the 13 years i've been here i don't remember it being this hot. >> and i'll look into more of that but i think those four days in a row at that temperature it might even be more than five years. >> thanks sue. local environmentalists are concerned that a snakehead fish has migrated to waters under the potomac river. scientists found an egg-bearing snakehead in the road river last week near annapolis. they were discovered in our area back in 2002 in a pond in maryland. two years later the predator fish turned up in the potomac and scientists thought they were contained. >> with all this rain that we had in the winter and the spring, we actually have a fresher water in the bay than we've had since 2004 when the fish was established in the potomac. >> snakehead fish are invasive
10:54 pm
can destroy the local habitat and push out fish. researchers are collecting samples to see if there are more in the water there. they have served their country and now it's time for them to get help on one of the biggest days of their life. checking who's crashing this california wedding. we've got more on this viral video next.
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>> caught on camera. take a look at this. justin bieber and selena gomez becoming wedding crashers. the celebrity duomaking an unannounced vs to a wedding
10:58 pm
crasher. he decided to pop in after someone was singing one of his songs care yoke style. pretty great surprise for the bride and groom wouldn't you say. serving in the military is a life-changing event, and now some of the men and women who have made that sacrifice are getting help with another life-altering event their wedding. thanks to a nonprofit group teaming up with businesses all over the country. fox 5's beth parker shows us how it's working. the search begins. >> you are bathing or not bathing. what size is it. >> wendy kelly is used to being dressed up, as a master sergeant in the marines. but this is her wedding day. there will be lots of input from her 14-year-old daughter. >> that one is long and elegant and i like the beads on the side. >> reporter: wendy is participating in a program
10:59 pm
called brides across america. the wedding dress she chooses will be free. this bride and boutique in manassas donated the dress if they showed documentation they were to be deployed. >> they will give away about 50 bridal gowns thousands of dollars worth of merchandise they could have sold. >> desiree newman is a fellow marine and now brides maid and serves with wendy in iraq. >> i'm so happy i get to be a part of it. we've been friends for a long time. >> reporter: joan works at genets. >> if they find a dress and they love it, then you fall in love with them. >> this is big. this is one thing i don't have to budget for. >> do you like your fiancee? >> i love him


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